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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most frequent type of language service provided to international conferences, multilingual congresses and proceedings, seminars, training sessions and high level meetings with the participation of international guests.

During simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he/she can retrieve it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. This is done with the use of specialist equipment. One language combination is handled by a team of two interpreters, sitting in a sound-proof booth. Members of the audience are equipped with headphones and receivers which allow them to select the language they need. Simultaneous interpreting requires specialist equipment, sound systems and appropriate technical conditions.

VIVALANG provides professional advice at each stage of conference preparation and ensures the maximum efficiency of interpretation processes during the conference.

The choice between simultaneous, consecutive, escort, whispered or certified interpretation depends on the type of meeting and technical conditions at the conference location.

For information and advice please contact our Conference Department at Our coordinators will be happy to assist you with the choice of service or any other details you may need. They will also provide you with the General Terms and Conditions of Conference Service VIVALANG_2014.  
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