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Technical translations

Technical translations require a special skill-set. VIVALANG employs a team of technical translators who are well acquainted with the products and processes they write about, among them professional engineers and academics whose high linguistic qualifications and skills are complemented by their experience of work in the industry/technical sector and additional qualifications in Construction, Power Engineering, IT, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building and Transport.

VIVALANG is the official and exclusive provider of translation services to leading industrial companies, especially those in fuel, power engineering, construction, railways and foundry engineering.
We specialize in the translation of the following technical documents:
  • Construction, technological, production, science and technology and R&D documents
  • User Manuals, installation and maintenance manuals for production and technological lines
  • User Manuals for industrial machinery, automotive equipment, household appliances and electronics
  • Software manuals
  • Procurement documentation, including Terms of Reference
  • Safety data sheets

Each text is subjected to strict internal procedures which guarantee the highest quality of our translations.

Our standard translation procedure involves the following steps:
Translation -> Review -> DTP -> Quality control in compliance with the client’s guidelines and the VIVALANG QA Model quality control system.

The confidentiality of all your documents is our priority along with ensuring the highest quality of translations. To get your technical documents translated, please contact our Translations Department at for an instant quote and schedule.
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