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EFNI 2012 Discussion Panel – The ethical and economic dilemmas facing Europe with regard to global climate challenges

piątek, 25 czerwca 2021
 During the discussion panel on the third day, as part of the Second European Forum of New Ideas (EFNI) in Sopot, speakers attempted to answer the following question: how much visionary imagination and how much short-sightedness is there in the current, fudged European climate policy? Mikhail Gorbachov, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, was the special guest speaker at this event. He emphasised the fact that we live in a global world, but we have not yet learnt how to manage it in a responsible manner. Issues raised during the discussion included ‘green’ competition, a coherent climate policy and environmental innovation. During the panel the VIVALANG team of interpreters provided simultaneous interpreting in English, German and Russian.
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